Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber

Midnight at the Blackbird Café 4.5 STARS

I really didn’t know anything about this book going into reading it. I am familiar with the author as a Cozy Mystery author but this is the first of her works that I have read. Two of my author friends had shared this new release on social media and I was interested in the buzz.

Anna Kate has returned to bury her Granny Zee, owner of the Blackbird Café, in a small mountain town of Alabama. She stayed to organize her grandmother’s affairs and close up the cafe. She did not expect everything the town had to offer her and what she had to offer the town. Finding family, friends, truths, and possibly love, will she be able to return to her life in Boston? Although faced with a tough decision, some decisions are made easier when faced with potential loss.

I had the audio version of the book. The writing of Heather Webber and the narration of Stephanie Willia, Bethany Lind, and Nicholas Techosky were a perfect combination. The story was very fluid, melodic if you will, to the point that it was very soothing to listen to. And that is what the novel is about really, soothing and healing old wounds.

The book was very emotional but not depressing. As much as I enjoyed it, I just kept waiting for something else. Maybe its just the type of books I normally read, I was just waiting for a twist or a jaw dropping moment. I would classify this as a true coming of age story. The touch of magical elements make it very personal.

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