Dog Club Mysteries by V.M. Burns

In the Dog House (Dog Club Mystery #1)  5 STARS

I had no expectations going into this book. I have read Ms. Burns’s previous series (Mystery Bookshop Series) and knew I enjoyed her writing, so I just went into the next series blind.

I adored this book. I love the Cozy Mystery genre and the easy to fall in love with protagonists. However, I hadn’t realized I missing something more until I read this book. The protagonist is a middle aged woman dealing with real middle aged problems. It was really nice to truly relate on a deeper level.

Lily is a soon to be divorcee. Her husband of 25 years has left her for a woman younger than their children. She had not worked outside of the home for many years, at her husband’s request. He has since cut her off financially and is trying get her out of their home as well. So naturally when he turns up dead in a supposed burglary, Lily is the prime suspect. With the support of her children and best friend, she is determined to prove her innocence. It’s a very bumpy road but with love and support, anything can be possible.

I felt that this was almost a middle aged coming of age story. Lily finds herself, her determination, and the road to her happy place.

I read this in one sitting. I also had the audio downloaded with the digital copy. The narrator is great. I highly recommend this series.

The Puppy Who Knew Too Much (Dog Club Mystery #2) 4 STARS

I cannot say enough about this series. It is sweet with a slight romantic element, family oriented, female empowering and of course, MURDER!!

Lily has put her past behind her and started a new life in Chattanooga. With the help of her best friend, Dixie, she is settling in well in her new surrounding. With a new home and job, everything seems to be falling into place, well until she stumbles upon a dead body. With the help of Dixie, Stephanie, Joe, and Joe’s friend Red, the investigation begins.

This book has just as many twists at the first and I had no idea who the killer was nor did I expect the plot twists. I love the shenanigans the ladies get into as well as the budding romances throughout. This book releases on February 12, 2019 and I highly recommend it.

**I was awarded both books by #NetGalley in return for honest reviews**

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