What Not to Wear to a Graveyard by Debra Sennefelder

Book 2.5 of A Resale Boutique Mystery

What Not to Wear to a Graveyard (Resale Boutique #2.5) 4 STARS

What an action packed novella!! I normally don’t do novellas but I love Debra Sennefelder’s stories and this series is so enjoyable, I couldn’t pass it up.

New to the Resale Boutique?? Kelly Quinn was a fashion buyer in Manhattan before inheriting her grandmother’s outdated consignment shop. Giving up her high fashion life, Kelly returns to her home town of Lucky Cove to turn the consignment shop into an up scale resale boutique.

Halloween, a missing dog, and a dead socialite… Yes please!!

I was shocked by the reveal. I really couldn’t believe how jam packed these 97 pages were!!

If you want a quick read, even if you haven’t read this series, you will not be disappointed.

I cannot wait to read book 3, How to Frame a Fashionista, set to release November 24, 2020.

I had a digital copy of this book from Netgalley.

Knit of the Living Dead by Peggy Ehrhart

Book 6 of the Knit and Nibble Cozy Mystery Series

Knit of the Living Dead (A Knit & Nibble Mystery #6) 4 STARS

I highly recommend this series for crafters, wanna be crafters, cozy lovers, and lovers of small town mysteries.

Knit and Nibble is one of my top series, mainly for the close “knit” group (pun intended). I love the community and the knitting group. I love for small town life; however, I could do without the murders.

In this installment, its Halloween. I adore Fall themed cozies. Pamela and Bettina joined by Nel this go around, use their sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of murders, yes that is plural.

I did thoroughly enjoy this book, but it was not one of the stand outs in this series for me. I was hoping for more Fall for one, Penny didn’t come in town, and the murders (not to spoil) were not anyone of importance in my opinion. Maybe its just me as I am totally invested in the series and I know its ending next year, I just wanted more.

Again, this was still a 4 Star Mystery!

I enjoyed the digital version of this book (from Netgalley) as well as the audio version.

The Lobster Shack Mysteries by Shari Randall

Praise for the Lazy Mermaids!!

Book 3, Drawn and Buttered, was just released on February 26, 2019. I fell in love with this series from chapter one, book one. What is so great about Ms. Randall’s books, you definitely feel like you are part of the story. Allie is the protagonist/sleuth. She is very likable and relatable. She isn’t pushy and while she does find herself in some compromising positions, her behavior isn’t as reckless as in some cozies. She lives with her whimsical Aunt Gully, who is quirky for sure but not obnoxious. Also, the “law” is now used to her involvement and actually trust her instincts. They aren’t over the top jerks. These books are available in all formats: print, digital, and audio. I have all 3 in digital and audio and I will tell you, the narrator Tiffany Morgan, is amazing. Below are my reviews of Books 1-3 in released order.

Curses, Boiled Again! (A Lobster Shack Mystery #1) 4 STARS

Wow!!! I flew through this book. First in a a series, Ms. Randall really connects you with her characters. I absolutely adored the protagonist, Allie, and her relationship with her family and friends. And who couldn’t fall in love with Aunt Gully?!?!?

A food competition/reality tv, small town, and a Murder. In the small New England town of Mystic Bay, chowder and lobster rolls are the key to life. When a lobster roll contest goes horribly wrong, it’s obvious the small town has a ton of secrets and a murderer. Allie and Aunt Gully, along with Allie’s sister Lorel and best friend Verity, are determined to get to the bottom of it but when suspicion is turned into them, the need to solve it.

With several secrets, twists and turns, this book kept me guessing until the end. There are many secrets, some more obvious than others, but I didn’t see the end coming. I was shocked.

Against the Claw (Lobster Shack Mystery, #2) 4 STARS

More Praise for the Lazy Mermaids!! I love how Ms. Randall can make her novels so much fun and so very thrilling at the same time. Aunt Gully and Gully’s Gals inspire me for my golden years lol.

When Allie finds not only one, but two bodies, she has the task of figuring out if there is a connection. Not only does she have that task, she has to make sure the blame isn’t placed on her sister Lorel. With more questions than answers, Allie and her BFF Verity are determined to find them. The puzzle is definitely a doozy this go around. Everyone is suspect in this case. People are acting oddly and most are dazed by the celebrities in town.

When the connections come together and the pieces all start to fit, I was shocked. I did not see it coming. I had suspicions of the persons involved but I had no idea of the how or why.

I enjoyed seeing some characters from book one becoming more of a core character in this one.

Drawn and Buttered (A Lobster Shack Mystery #3) 5 STARS

AMAZING!! Shari Randall, you did it again, and better!! I love this series. I feel like I am part of community of Mystic Bay when I read these books. The core characters are amazing and every new character introduced is developed extremely well.

Here in book 3, its Halloween. Its Halloween in New England. Old traditions and superstitions are brought to light in reenactments. I was actually familiar with the superstition or folk lore surrounding the Parish Family ancestry. So when a body is found in the old Parish Cemetery, on Halloween night, it makes you questions if there were supernatural beings at work or a murderer.

Its up to Allie, Verity, and a others to crack the case. The shenanigans they get into are mostly comical, yet someone is now actively seeking Allie out. Can Allie crack another case?

Oh and don’t forget Lobzilla!! I am also glad we didn’t have to deal with Lorel much in this story.

For more information on Shari Randall and her books, please check out her webpage http://www.sharirandallauthor.com/